Scratched Glass Repair

No need to replace glass

Glass Clarity With Visible Saving. Scratch Elimination Benefits. Cost Effective. Saves reworking, scraping, and reinstallation cost. Mobil: On site Residential & commercial buildings. Versatile: Perfect for Plate, Tempered, Mirrored, Tinted, Laminated and insulated units. Multi-Purpose: Mirrors and Shower Enclosures. Clean: Self-contained system. Efficient: The engineered process system eliminates scratches with minimal effort.

The Clear Perfection Scratch Elimination System is engineered to remove scratches. It is not a buffer and does not use a fill system. Our portable hand held unit uses a vacuum process to hold it in place on the glass. A continuous flow of slurry is fed to the resurfacing unit to provide a compound and to cool the glass while operating at a speed of 6000 rpms. The result is "glass clarity with visible saving: over the cost of replacement.

Is the slurry system environmentally friendly?

The slurry is an earth element water based compound. It is completely non-hazardous and environmentally friendly for safe and easy disposal. Because the system is self contained, the only clean-up required is wiping down the equipment and the immediate work area with a cotton cloth.

Does the Clear Perfection system work on all types of glass?

The Clear Perfection Scratch Elimination System will work on all types of glass Plate, Tempered, Mirrored, Tinted as well as laminated.

Does the Clear Perfection system weaken the glass?

No. In actuality, a scratch on a piece of glass can be called a "stress." Our system eliminates the scratch creating a structurally sound piece of glass restoring its yield strength.

Can it remove mineral deposits, calcium and salts?

Yes! This is a unique feature of the Clear Perfection Scratch Elimination System, because it actually resurfaces the glass thus restoring its original clarity.