FAQ's: Residential

Window Cleaning

Q. How far out are you scheduled?

We can typically book customers within a one to two week window, however in April, May, June, October and November, it is best to call two weeks to a month in advance to help guarantee we can schedule you on your desired date.

Q. How Quickly Can You Get Here? Same Day?

In rare cases we can come to your home on the same day, in some cases within a few days or inside of a week, depending on your location. The size of the job also will make a difference in our response time. What we do promise is that we will get back to you promptly to learn about the scope of work to be done and let you know when we can schedule.

Q. What is your appointment cancellation and rescheduling policy?

We ask customers to kindly give us notice of at least three (3) business days for cancellations or appointment rescheduling requests. Please understand that we book most of our appointments well in advance so trying to fill an appointment time with short notice is often not possible. This often results in lost revenue for our business and lost earning for our technicians. That said, we understand that last minute emergencies and conflicts occasionally arise. We will always do our best to accommodate customers who notify us no later than 5:00 PM the evening before their scheduled service....but please don't abuse the privilege.

Q. How many technicians will you use to service my home?

We have found that two person crews are the ideal size for the homes we typically clean, however smaller jobs or pressure washing only may only have one technician sent out. Let us know if you have any special needs or requirements.

Q. How long will it take to complete my service?

This depends upon the size of the job and the number of extras scheduled. Residential jobs are generally completed in 3-4 hours or less. We can provide a time estimate at the time of our quote.

Q. Do you have a standard price for a house of my size?

Possibly, but it is really difficult to give a standard price because every house is very different in the amount of glass, amount of ladder work, access to the glass, and types of windows they have. See our pricing section here for more details on pricing to give you an idea. Often our customers are shocked at how affordable our services really are. Usually for less than the cost of a dinner out for a family, you can have clean windows.

Q. Are tracks, frames, and ledges included in the window cleaning price?

Yes, however they can be very labor intensive to clean and in some cases take longer than the windows themselves, which may affect the price.

Q. Do I really need to have the inside of my windows cleaned?

We strongly recommend that first-time customers clean both the inside and outside of their windows for two reasons. Often, the inside of the windows are dirtier than the outside, so customers who clean only the outside notice smudges, light film, etc. on the inside more than before the cleaning. Also, over the counter spray-on products do not clean windows as thoroughly as soap and a squeegee and may be harmful to the environment. Once we clean the inside of your windows, further appointments may include only the outside for complete customer satisfaction.

Q. Do you do construction clean-up?

Yes, we work for many custom home builders in the surrounding counties and clean all the glass from construction debris and dirt. We do have a defective TEMPERED GLASS WAIVER that must be signed prior to any construction cleaning of windows.

Q. How often should I have my windows cleaned?

This really depends on your preference and your type of house. We have customers who live in particularly problematic areas and get their windows cleaned every two weeks, while others can get away with monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Generally, we recommend doing a full window cleaning in the spring and fall (with pressure washing in the spring and gutter cleaning in the fall).

Q. Do I need to be home for the window cleaning?

We prefer that you be home when we clean your windows for safety and accessibility reasons, and to make sure you are satisfied with our work. If for some reason you cannot be present during the scheduled time, we need to have some way of contacting you in case something changes.

Q. How do I prepare for you to come and clean my windows?

We want to make it as easy for you as possible so nothing is absolutely required, but it is always helpful if you move fragile obstacles away from the windows, especially knick-knacks, plants, etc. Although this is not required, it will save us a lot of time and is very appreciated. Additional charges may apply if there is extensive furniture, large furniture, or excessive knick-knack removal.

Q. Do you move televisions, computers and other electronics in order to access windows and what about my curtains?

Our cleaners are trained to work around electronics and/or cover them, but due to the liability risk, we cannot move complex electronic systems. Usually we can work around curtains by going behind them, or holding them back out of the way. Either way, if there is a problem, the technician will discuss possible solutions with you.

Q. Does the weather affect the service?

Window cleaning - we work year around so never a problem. If it is raining, we can start on the inside windows until the weather improves (and it normally always improves). Pressure washing and gutter cleaning - as long as the temperatures are above freezing.

Q. Do you charge extra for windows stained by hard water?

We charge by the window or by the job to remove hard water stains. It can be very time consuming and difficult to remove. Though there are many chemicals on the market, some do not work well when there is extreme hard water damage and other methods may be necessary. If you have any questions, call and ask and we will make you aware of the options we offer and let you know if they would make a noticeable difference. We do require you to sign a Liability Form stating that we are not responsible if the glass scratches during the cleaning process.

Q. Do you charge extra for paint, nicotine stain, silicone, vine, or sticker removal?

Yes, like hard water removal, each job varies as these can be very time consuming and difficult to remove in some cases. Talk to the technician or call our office before they begin the job about an accurate price for removal of these items. We do require you to sign a Liability Form stating that we are not responsible if the glass scratches during the cleaning process.

Q. My windows look foggy or there is moisture built up between them. Can you get that off?

If it is in between your factory-sealed, double-pane windows, there is nothing we can do. You will most likely have to replace the window or call a company that is knowledgeable in possibly removing the moisture.

Q. Will cleaning the windows scratch or damage my window tint?

As long as the tint is at least 6-7 weeks old, it is very rare and highly unlikely that our products or cleaning techniques will scratch or damage your tint. We do not use ammonia or scrapers on tinted glass, only soap, soft wash and rubber touches your window tint. If it is questionable, our technicians are trained to test the glass.

Q. I hear there are products that will keep my windows clean longer. Do you use these?

For the most part, using this type of product is more costly than simply arranging a second cleaning and does not last as long as you may think. If, however, you wish for us to use one of these products, we must know in advance so that we can order and prepare it.

Q. What form of payments are accepted?

We accept; Cash, Checks, Credit and Debit Cards.
  • Credit Cards: A small 3% transaction fee will be added for payment by credit card.
  • Checks: A $25 fee will be added for returned checks.

Q. Do you have weekend appointments available?

Yes, weekend appointments are available by request.

Q. My last window cleaner left a dirty mess on my carpet. How do you protect carpet?

We wear protective booties over our shoes so we don't track dirt in from the outside. We place our water bucket on non-carpeted floor whenever possible. Otherwise, we keep a protective towel under the water bucket at all times. We treat your home as if it was our own.

Q. Are you licensed and insured and do you carry worker's compensation?

Clear Perfection is a fully licensed, bonded, operated business. We carry a multi-million dollar general liability insurance policy and by law we must carry worker's compensation for your protection and we do conduct regular on-going safety meetings. Go to the Home Page and scroll down to the bottom and click Our Insurance Documents.

Q. Will you be on time or will I be waiting for your arrival?

We are always on time with the first appointment barring something out of our control, but as we get to the 2nd or 3rd job in the day we ask for a 2 hour arrival window; e.g. Arrive between 12:00 2:00pm or 3:30 5:30pm.

Q. Do you have a minimum charge?

Our minimum charge is $125 to come out and do work.

Q. Do I have to be there to get an estimate?

No, not at all. If we are looking at your home, we ask that you put any pets inside and unlock the gates or fences that we may need to open. We will do a quick walk around and leave the written estimate in your mailbox.

Q. We are selling our home and would like to consider cleaning it up for a showing. Would you suggest any particular cleaning that might show off the home for showing?

You bet. I would suggest an on-site inspection to go over the options you might want to consider. But, first of all, the windows are always a great way to show off a house. Then I would take a look at the house exterior, patios, decks and driveway for starters. This inspection service is complementary and will be well worth your consideration. And, there is never any obligation.

Q. Is there a deposit required for the work being done?

In some cases, but normally not. However, our ProGuard Gutter Protection Service does require a 50% deposit before we start.

Q. Is all work satisfaction guaranteed?

Absolutely. We want our clients to be 100% satisfied before they pay. If for any reason you are not happy with the service, contact our office and we will do what it takes to resolve any issue. When your completely happy, it's time to pay, not before.

Pressure Washing / House Wash

Q. What is the difference between soft washing and pressure washing?

Soft Washing is the use of quality detergents and low pressure to gently remove mold and mildew from the exterior of your home. Pressure Washing is the use of high pressure to remove mold and mildew. High pressure can cause many issues including peeling of paint, damaging of siding, and can also make water seep behind walls and cause major damage. We only soft wash during a house wash.

Q. Are all Pressure Washing companies alike?

No. Not at all. Our company only uses "pressure" with our surface cleaners on concrete (unless otherwise required). When doing homes we use our "soft wash" method which is the safe, no damage way to wash a house. We don't blast away at your siding with 3,000+ psi possibly causing major damage to the exterior of your home. Instead, we gently wash your home by spraying on high quality detergents, then rinse down your home using around 150 psi. Leaving your home beautiful and clean. NO pressure = NO damage!

Q. My house is 2 stories. How will you clean it?

The equipment we have on our trucks is designed for us to clean up to 3 stories high without the use of ladders (unless required).

Q. Will your LOW pressure roof wash damage my roof?

Our revolutionary roof wash system uses NO pressure. It is applied usually from the ground but sometimes requires the technician to use a ladder on condition and slope of roof. Our roof wash solution is applied with low pressure, around 45 psi (less than your garden hose) and the results are instant. It removes the mold, mildew, and ugly black streaks. You will be shocked to see what color your roof actually is! You can also rest assured knowing that we carry a $2M General Liability insurance policy for your protection. A new roof cost anywhere between $5,000 $12,000 while a roof wash starts at around $300 depending on sq ft.

Q. How often do I need to get my house washed?

It's recommended that you get your house washed every 1 2 years to keep it looking good and keep paint and siding in good condition.

Q. Will grass, plants, or flowers be harmed?

We take every precaution when washing your house. When we show up to your home, we are sure to treat your home as if it were our home. We either cover and/or water, constantly rinsing all plants before, during and after your house soft wash to help prevent any damage.

Q. Will your Soft Wash method damage our windows?

No. We only Soft Wash houses instead of pressure washing because when using NO pressure there is NO damage. We do not damage windows or screens.

Q. My contractor said my siding and deck are zero maintenance is this true?Insert question here

Low maintenance yes, zero maintenance no. Anything left outside in the sun and humidity will get dirty. Your car gets dirty sitting in your driveway, so does your house and deck.

Q. What is this white powdery stuff on my masonry and can it be removed?

The white powdery stuff is called Efflorescence. It is caused when water seeps through and dissolves salts inside then evaporates leaving the salt on the surface. It can be removed with the right pressure and chemicals.

Q. Will pressurized water be forced under my siding?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! We use our soft low pressure method when spraying your house. You will find our company to be more effective cleaning at low pressure to ones that use more pressure because we use a well thought out technique that will cause no damage to your house.

Q. Can we have our windows cleaned at the same time we have a pressure washing service?

Yes, both can be serviced at the same time. We know how to approach the specific job scope for time savings and excellent results. For example, the inside windows can be done at the same time your house is being pressure washed.

Q. When doing a house wash are the gutters cleaned also?

The bottom side of the gutters are cleaned along with your house wash; however, if you want the interior of the gutters cleaned, it would be a separate charge. The exterior of the gutters themselves will clean up some during a pressure wash, but our exterior gutter polish is highly recommended for best results.

Q. I have seen other pressure washing jobs and you can see stripes or lines from the pressure washing gun in the concrete. Will that happen to me?

No. We use what is called a surface cleaner. It is a piece of equipment that covers a larger area of concrete and basically replaces the use of a wand. This eliminates the possibility of the "stripes" in the concrete. Besides, if you are not satisfied with our service, we will fix it. No questions asked.

Q. I need the sides of my house, my driveway, and my wood deck power washed. Do you offer a package deal?

Yes. We will be more than happy to put together a package for you that suits your needs and your budget. Just let us know what you would like cleaned and we will present you with a free estimate.

Q. We have these small, black spots that look like specks of tar, all over the white, vinyl siding of our house. It's on the porch, my windows, but it is worse on the siding. It goes all the way up to my second-story windows, and is even under my soffit and on my gutters. What do you think it is?

This is called Artillery fungus or shotgun fungus. The artillery fungus, or shotgun fungus, is a wood-decay fungus that likes to live on moist landscape mulch. The worst thing about this fungus is that it shoots spores up to 20 feet, which often land on siding, cars and anything else that surrounds the mulch. It seems to have become a serious problem the past few years for many homeowners here in the southeast and throughout the US. This year we've had customers ask for mulch recommendations. Although we are not in the landscaping business we have studied this problem and this is what we have found out. Unfortunately, no natural mulch can resist the artillery fungus Penn State Plant Pathology department has tested 27 different kinds of mulch and found that with enough time all of the mulches were supporting the evil spore-shooting mushroom. The only way to ensure that artillery fungus never comes back is to take out the mulch completely and replace it with stone, artificial mulch or ground-cover plants. However, if you dislike stone and still want to replace the fungus infested mulch with organic mulch, the best way to keep the shotgun fungus away is to use a course ground of wood chips or bark mulch. The larger pieces of wood will stay mostly dry and the artillery fungus won't like it as much as moist, finely ground mulch. Generally, the key to preventing the artillery spores from ever sprouting is refreshing your mulch regularly. As far as getting rid of the spores on your siding that's not a fun job. The most important part is to get them quick, as they are covered in sticky substance that will stay on the siding for good if not taken care of in a timely fashion. New vinyl siding that still has an oily residue on it can be power-washed within the first week. In other cases, power-washing will be fruitless. Scraping the spores off one-by-one with a scraper or steel wool is tedious but effective. After that there will still be a stain left, which can be taken care of with an ink eraser or possibly bleach. Bleach, Simple Green, toothpaste and alcohol-based mouthwash have been known to work with various rates of success, and can be tried first before attacking the spores with a scraper. For removing spores off of cars; oil, vinegar, car wax and tree sap remover have all worked for people that tested them. The bottom line is that no organic mulch is completely safe from the artillery fungus. If you know that shotgun fungus has been attacking your neighborhood switching to stone in the areas surrounding the house would be the safest choice. If you simply can't stand stone, then refreshing the mulch every year would be the second best thing to do.

Q. Can you remove oil stains from my garage or driveway that have been there for years?

In some cases. Oil stains seep deep into the concrete and after years of resting in the concrete it makes it much more difficult to restore a brand new look. This is why we use chemicals and detergents that dig beneath the concrete and eat away at the oils. Some stains will be eliminated and others will leave a gray stain after the cleaning. But either way it will look much better after being restored and cleaned by professionals.

Q. What if we decide we want you to clean our driveway after you get here?

That will be fine as long as we are not scheduled to be somewhere else as soon as we finish cleaning your home. We will always try to accommodate your decision in every way possible, but we may have to schedule it for another day.

FYI on Nozzle Usage:

  • 0º - red nozzle: Narrow and powerful stream of water. Used for very difficult to remove stains, caked mud, tough dirt. Use extra precaution!
  • 15º yellow nozzle: Uses a small angle of spray for focused cleaning. Good for somewhat difficult to remove dirt.
  • 25º green nozzle: Uses a medium angle of spray for washing sensitive and soft surfaces (deck, fence, aluminum etc.)
  • 40º white nozzle: Largest angle of spray used for cleaning surfaces quickly and for rinsing.
  • 65º soap (black) nozzle: Soap tip is used in conjunction with the cleaning fluid. This is the only nozzle that can be used with cleaning solutions.

Gutter Cleaning/Polishing

Q. How important is it to have my gutters cleaned?

Very important, gutters are designed to move moisture and water away from your home. If left unchecked, the system will become rusty and break; replacement will be inevitable. There is a higher chance of ice dams forming in the winter.

Q. How often should I have my gutters cleaned?

Twice per year, beginning of spring & beginning of fall.

Q. Do you repair gutters?

Unfortunately, we do not repair gutters.

Q. Do you install gutter guards?

Yes, we do install gutter guards at your request. We manufacture our own brand called ProGuard. See our services for a complete explanation why they are better, less expensive, and safe to install.

Q. My gutters have black stripes can you clean those off?

Yes we can. The gutters have to be hand scrubbed, as pressure washing will not render them clean. We call it gutter polishing, or gutter whitening or brightening.

Q. Do I have to be home for the Gutter Cleaning Service?

You don't have to be present for your gutter service unless there are pets that need to be put up or areas that you need to provide access to. That said, if you would prefer to be there while we clean your gutters that's just fine with us too.

Q. What happens if it is raining the day of my scheduled gutter cleaning?

That greatly depends on how much rain is falling and if there is lightning in the area. We are used to getting wet, so a little bit of rain doesn't bother us. If there is a significant downpour we will either call you to reschedule or we will wait the downpour out.

Q. Do you clean up the debris on the ground after you are finished?

You bet we do. The job isn't done until the gutters work properly and we removed any and all mess we made cleaning the gutters out.

Q. Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we provide a warranty through the first rain storm or 14 days after the gutters have been cleaned, whichever occurs sooner.