Bleach Neutralizer

Our New Bleach (SH) Neutralizer is a must have

What is a Bleach Neutralizer (BN)?

This is a product that stops the active ingredient of SH (bleach) on contact making it just salt water,

Is it safe on vegetation?

YES. In fact, after a soft wash if the vegetation is not soaked with water sufficiently, there is a great possibility they could die after a few days, creating an unhappy customer and the chance to have to pay for some expensive bushes. This product will ensure that the areas that came in contact with bleach are neutralized, stopping the Bleach action and turning it into salt water.

Is it safe to run it through my soft wash system?

YES. We recommend that you first run clean water through the system and drop your line on the BN to neutralize your Proportioner, Pump and lines to avoid corrosion. Only need to run it for 20 seconds then run clean water to have your soft wash system ready for the next project.

Can I apply this product to my vehicle and trailer?

YES. It is a must to do so especially if your vehicle or customers vehicles received the overspray or mist as you do the soft wash. Trailers in particular can have SH leakage from hoses or tanks. Apply BN to those areas to stop the damage. We suggest that this is done after every job, do not wait for the end of day, damage already started when mist of spillage occured.

How can I purchase this product?

Please contact Joe at 713-545-5236 for pricing and delivery. We sell the 5 gallon Liquid form. It is at 15% concentration. We recommend using a 2 gallon spray pump to use around plants and grass. You only need 12 ounces for 2 gallon water.

How do I apply BN?

You can use a hand sprayer, pump sprayer, electric or gas pumps. Use a system that can have a fan spray for better and even coverage. You do not need to soak the area. just lightly spray it evenly.